The Most Unique features Of Evpad 5Max Android TV Box


Everyone is interested in quality pictures and an engaging android box you do not have to look any further. Evpad 5max TV box is the best choice for you. Far from that, it is the most comfortable and user-friendly android box you will find in the market. These are not my words but the captivating features of the Evpad5max android box have made it stand out amidst stiff competition in the android box market. The evpad company have been on their feet to ensure that you have the best comfort in your home, entertainment setting and so on.

Evpad 5max TV box has the best features your likely to get interested in due to the efficiency of use that it comes with. Far from efficiency, the engaging aspect is one of the most outstanding of them all as will be elaborated as follows.

128GB ROM & 4G RAM

This is insane. Many are times you feel terrible when you try to download an application, programmer, a clip you do not want to miss or you want to save for a future review but the feedback you get is NO ENOUGH MEMORY. It sucks but Evpad 5max has come with this great package of 128GB ROM and 4G RAM. You can download your applications and programmes without any worry of space and the swiftness of the processing enabled by the 4GB RAM.

EV Artificial Intelligent voice assistant

This is the most outstanding feature of the century in the android TV box. The best thing about this feature is the companion aspect it brings. As you watch your programmes you engage with an artificial voice. It will give you options, You do not need to move or select a lot of features sometimes you do not know how to find them, you just need to speak to the Evpad 5Max android box and it will have your request played. You do not need to be so learned with a lot of knowledge about how to operate an Evpad 5Max android box speech is enough to enjoy its services.

Dual Band 2.5GHZ/5GHzWIFI

This is a very swift and strong Wi-Fi property. Having Evpad 5Max you have the best Wi-Fi connection ever to download your heavy files and basically at a very high speed. This will save a lot of time and it’s enjoyable too using a swift and reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Dolby And DTS sound effects

Sound and picture are the major factors in communication as far as android boxes are concerned. Therefore, a great sound system must accompany the great picture to bring the reel impact. Evpad 5Max, therefore, provides you with a sound system that will make your movies, programmes interesting and captivating to listen to.

Evpad 3Max has 64 BIT core ARM CORTEX A53 CPU. It also has a high-performance multi–core ARM MALL-T720mp2GPU. This is a strong system that makes Evpad ANDROID BOX work efficiently.

Bluetooth 4.2

This is the most efficient Bluetooth version. Its strength can be assessable from a wide range radius. This will make your user experience very efficient because you can change and fix your programmes from a far distance. This will save you time too.

Evpad 5Max android box can support 4k x 2k video decoding.


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