This Is the Best Gaming Laptop You Should Buy

Best Gaming Laptop

We’ve reviewed a ton of laptops and played around with even more. While we have an entire guide dedicated to laptops, we know some people just want to game and so no matter your budget, we’ve curated some of the best gaming laptops currently on the market too. Many of them are great for other tasks besides gaming, too, like photo and video editing, and even streaming. Yet ultimately these laptops are intended for gaming and making sure you can game whether you have a budget of $4,500 or a more realistic budget of $1,000.

We won’t see any gaming laptops with RTX 3070, 3080, or 3090 variants for a while, too. Companies like Asus, MSI, Acer, and others usually wait until CES to announce or start showing off their gaming laptop models with the latest GPUs. Plus we’re still waiting on AMD to officially announce that laptops with its own graphics cards are coming. Perhaps they are waiting until CES as well, or maybe they’re still fine-tuning designs. Covid-19 related production and shipping delays don’t help, either. It’s also possible that we’ll have to wait longer to see them since AMD just announced its new 6000-series of GPUs.


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