Please, No More Proprietary Smartwatch Chargers

proprietary smartwatch chargers

I realize this is a rarefied problem, the epitome of small potatoes in a world full of Big Existential Crises. But as the world burns and chaos reigns supreme, I am choosing to “maintain” my sanity by hyper-focusing on one, medium-sized hill to die on: We need to get rid of proprietary smartwatch chargers.

Every dang smartwatch has its own unique charger or cradle that’s specific to the company that made them. You can’t repurpose a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 charger to use with the Apple Watch or say, a Fossil smartwatch. This is terrible for me (and many other gadget reviewers) as I now have several boxes of smartwatch chargers that somehow all look the same, but are extremely specific to exactly one device.

Plenty of third-party charging cables work like a charm, but a good number don’t. If you peep Amazon reviews, it’s not hard to find folks who have either bought the wrong charger because of a misleading photo or description, or the right charger that simply doesn’t work once unboxed.


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