How to transfer messages from Android to iPhone


In the never-ending race to the top between Android and iOS, the main culprits have mainly been users. The urge to try out new and wonderful smartphones might have often seen you jump ship either way. However, when you do this, you are likely to encounter a well-known problem. Both types of phones use completely different processing systems. This means that you might be able to smoothly transfer some things. Chief among them is transferring messages from Android to iPhone.

If this is your situation, this article should help. It provides amble ways to copy text messages from Android to iPhone.

Two Best Methods for transferring messages from Android to iPhone

1. Move to iOS

The first way to get this done is by using the official method that was released by Apple. This method works for all Apple phones and devices that use 4.3 upwards. It allows you to transfer a lot of things completely free from your Android to the iPhone.

Step One

The first thing you have to do is to download the application on the Google play store. Once you have done it, install it and run the application on your Android device. Once you have done this, choose the option to move data from Android to iPhone.

Step Two

Make sure it has been launched. Then, make sure your wireless connection and Bluetooth are both switched on, you are going to need it through this process. Do the same for your Apple smartphone and place it side by side. Once you have done this, it’s time to move on to the next stage.

Step Three

To make sure that the transfer is authorized by you, you will need to match a code. This code will be sent to both phones and you will have to verify that the codes are the same. Once you do this, then you get to choose what to move and what you can choose not to move.

2. Using Backuptrans

You also have the option of using a tool to get this done. The reason why this method might be more appealing is that you get to transfer a wider range of things including text messages.

To use backuptrans, all you have to do is to install and run the program on your computer. Once you have that figured, you will have to connect your Android and iPhone to the computer. To know about the procedure of using backuptrans, all you have to do is click the link in the first paragraph of this article.


So here’s the deal. If you want your messages and other things transferred from Android to iPhone, then you have two really good methods. You can choose to use the official method or use other tools such as backuptrans. Before you make a decision, you should do well to consider the options that are more convenient for you. You should also consider what you want to transfer.

By considering all these variables, you set yourself for future success.


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