How To Avoid Being Banned For Buying FIFA 22 Coins


The existence of the FIFA 22 coins makes the game worthwhile. The best merit of the FIFA game is that you can play it using your Xbox, PS5, PS4, PC, or switch. Each medium also uses the FIFA coins; for example, those using PS4 can purchase the fifa 22 coins ps4. The critical point to note while buying FIFA coins is to employ a high degree of carefulness. There have been instances where some players were banned for purchasing the FIFA coins. Therefore being safe should be a vital priority. The post plans to inform you of the best methods to avoid being banned from buying FIFA 22 coins.

Reason for getting banned for buying FIFA 22 coins

According to the EA’s policy, any form of in-game currency trading is illegal. Therefore, if caught purchasing, you can risk affecting your EA games and FIFA 22 account.

Reasons to buy the FIFA 22 coins

The best benefit of buying the FIFA 22 coins is that you can build your dream team, therefore having the best advantage while playing the game.

What happens if you are caught buying the FIFA 22 coins

If caught buying the FIFA 22 coins, an email will be sent to you stating your first offense of purchasing the FIFA 22 coins. In addition, the stats of your game account will be turned back to the beginning. Therefore, all your players and FIFA coins will go back to the beginning of the game. If you are caught buying several times, then you risk getting banned. Despite the regulations present, there are methods that you can implore that will protect you from getting caught and being banned.

The best methods to use to avoid being banned for buying FIFA 22 coins

1. Avoid purchasing large sums of coins at a go

Mostly EA bans the seller’s account other than the buyer’s account. But there is at least a 3% chance of getting banned. Therefore, it is essential to avoid buying large sums of the FIFA 22 coins at a go. If you avoid buying in bulk, then you can reduce your chances of getting caught.

2. Use the coins immediately

After the purchase of the FIFA coins, it is essential to use them immediately. Promptly using coins can decrease your risks of getting banned from the FIFA game. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that there are no coins in your FIFA account.

3. Do not use different sites

It is crucial to choose one site and stick with it. Buying coins frequently and from different sites can increase your chances of being caught. Therefore, it would help if you selected one of the best sites in the market and stuck with it for your long-term transactions.

4. Legit sites

To avoid being banned, it is essential to use only legitimate sites. There are several sites online selling FIFA coins; it would help if you investigated the sites and used the legit ones.


There are many unknown FIFA 22 coins sellers in the online space. To avoid getting banned, use only the trusted seller. In addition, the trusted seller should be able to guide you on the best means to buy the FIFA coins and ensure your safety and security.


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