How To: Try-Catch in C/AL for NAV2016


Well well well! They finally added this! In a way 😉

As all of you are aware one beautiful thing that a lot of programming languages have is the “Try-Catch” statement. C/AL didn’t have this though. And some people never thought it would.

If you are curious about this and you want to go into more detail I invite you to check Vjeko’s blog entry for more information.

As it happens, Microsoft thought this would be a neat thing to have, and they added a property when defining the functions as follows:

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How To: Debug a Webservice/NAS Session in NAV 2013/NAV2015 and above


Finally! How many hours have I spent debugging sessions without UI with MESSAGEs and ERRORs… The good old days.

If you have done that, like me, then you will probably agree that it was not the most elegant way of finding the source of the problem. Have you ever forgotten to delete a funny MESSAGE after a session debugging with that method and had the client bring it up? I know I have.

In any case, we can finally use the debugger tool incorporated in NAV to debug the sessions without UI. That’s great. And this includes ADCS sessions too!

This is something we have been able to do for a while now, but I did not want to lose the chance of writing a post about it.

How can we do this you might say?

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Roadmap

We finally get some good old powerpoint slides with the info in a official way. You can check the information here:

Needless to say you will need a partnersource account.

The official slide showing the updates and goodies of NAV2016 is here:

NAV2016 Improvements

What you can see clearly is that their goal is clear: to reach the clouds (get it? the cloud? I was never good with jokes :) ). I was a bit disappointed to learn that the spanish format for electronic invoicing would not be supported though, it’s a shame. Continue reading