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This is the main hub for information and downloads for This is Merging! (or TIM).

The latest version available is TIM2.00. Go to the download section to get it!




This is Merging! is a tool for automating your merging needs. This means that it can be used for any kind of merging NAV code coming from different sources (this includes but is not limited to: upgrades, localizations or updates).

This is Merging is completely integrated with NAV and it includes an easy-to-use interface that any NAV professional is familiar with :-) It includes features and tools to help out in both organizing and speeding up your merging projects in an efficiant way.

The recommended version for installing TIM is Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 or above.

Specific documentation is included in the package you can download in the Download section of this same page, or if you prefer it you can go to the videos section where you will find the necessary info to work with TIM.

I also made a video/presentation you can check out below:


You can download the latest version of This is Merging! by clicking this link!



You can check the documentation included with TIM when you download the package or watch the following video


This is Merging! – Working with Runtime Versions

Videos are still being recorded 😀 Hold on! They will be here shortly



(This is Merging! Role Center)

ProjectCard(This is Merging! Project Card)

ServersList(This is Merging! Server List)ConflictReviewing(This is Merging! Conflict solving inside the tool using an external editor of your choice – At the far right you can see the conflict and the first three files are original, modified and target)

Codebases(This is Merging! Codebases list)

If you want more screenshots I encourage you to check out the videos section!


Q: What exactly is This is Merging! ?

A: You can find that information in the Information section. If you have further queries please forward them to jcastro@code4nav.com and I’ll get back to you when I can :-)


Q: How do I get started?

A: You can go ahead and download TIM from the Download section and follow the different instructional videos in the Videos section.


Q: How does This is Merging! work?

A: This is Merging! is based mostly on a few Powershell cmdlets released by Microsoft that I thought were “rough” to work with. It is true that This is Merging! provides more functionality than the Powershell cmdlets themselves but I would never dare to take all the credit :-) The code is accessible for everyone with a developer’s license. Find out yourself!


Q: Am I free to change the tool at will?

A: Go right ahead! Be my guest. This is Merging! is a tool that is supposed to help you and your colleagues gain quality and speed. If you think changing it can improve that, don’t let me stop you! I just ask for you to keep the source of the tool intact and respect the author’s name (myself).


Q: When I import the objects in TIM, I do not see all the objects I would expect. Why?

A: This is Merging! is using some components provided by Microsoft that are only compatible with the RTC objects. This means that FORMS or DATAPORTS are not compatible and will not be processed by the tool. Same goes for reports with the classic format.


Q: When I compile the objects that come with TIM, the page 89028 – TIM Codebase Obj. Code Viewer does not compile. Why?

A: That page contains the codeviewer that NAV uses for debugging. Sometimes and depending on the NAV localization this page will not compile properly. Fixing that should be as easy as copying the codeviewer line in the page 9504 – Debugger Code Viewer (standard NAV) onto the page 89029, replacing the existing one, and recompiling afterwards.


Q: How come This is Merging! is provided at no cost?

A: Well, you could say I’m quite young and the NAV community has helped me find an answer to the questions I couldn’t find it for myself. And I try to be appreciative of that. I am far from reaching the “top” of my professional path, but I’m certain I wouldn’t have made this far it without the help of many people already. So this is a small way of giving something back to the community.


Q: Hey, none of the questions above solve my problem

A: I got your back! Just hit me at jcastro@code4nav.com with your problem and I will try to get back to you when I can :-)