New round of Cumulative Updates fresh from the oven! (aug-15)


I know, I’m a little late to post about this but hey, better late than never I say!

So yes, we can find the new updates that Microsoft has made available both on the CustomerSource and the PartnerSource.

As always, before you apply these updates make sure to contact your partner and perform a backup. Data must be protected during changes :-)

For more in detail information please go to the partnersource.

How To: Debug a Webservice/NAS Session in NAV 2013/NAV2015 and above


Finally! How many hours have I spent debugging sessions without UI with MESSAGEs and ERRORs… The good old days.

If you have done that, like me, then you will probably agree that it was not the most elegant way of finding the source of the problem. Have you ever forgotten to delete a funny MESSAGE after a session debugging with that method and had the client bring it up? I know I have.

In any case, we can finally use the debugger tool incorporated in NAV to debug the sessions without UI. That’s great. And this includes ADCS sessions too!

This is something we have been able to do for a while now, but I did not want to lose the chance of writing a post about it.

How can we do this you might say?

Let’s get to it! Continue reading