Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Roadmap


We finally get some good old powerpoint slides with the info in a official way. You can check the information here:

Needless to say you will need a partnersource account.

The official slide showing the updates and goodies of NAV2016 is here:

NAV2016 Improvements

What you can see clearly is that their goal is clear: to reach the clouds (get it? the cloud? I was never good with jokes :) ). I was a bit disappointed to learn that the spanish format for electronic invoicing would not be supported though, it’s a shame. Continue reading

Fix Powershell error: System.OutofmemoryException (incl. NAV PSM wrapper)


It might be that you are trying to execute some large powershell processes and you get this System.OutOfMemoryException error. It happened to me when working with the new (still unreleased) version of This is Merging! for Dynamics NAV.

If you are suffering from the same issue, what Powershell is telling you is that the Powershell session is using more memory than allowed by the system.

And since Waldo released a Powershell Wrapper for NAV (which is what TIM uses) and I was getting this error, I thought it would be interesting to make a quick blog post about it. Continue reading

New round of Cumulative Updates fresh from the oven! (jul-15)


The new round of Cumulative Updates for the latest 3 versions of NAV available to date is out finally!
Of course before you implement these updates please try to contact your partner and always perform a backup. You never know what could go wrong :-)


For more in detail information please go to the partnersource.

How To: Detect wether a value has been changed by a user or by the system (CurrFieldNo)


I remember having seen this a while ago somewhere inside NAV but a colleague reminded me of this recently and I thought it’d make for a good post :-)
Let’s get to it.

So yes, there is a way to accomplish this.
As most of us know by now, there are some variables within an object that are predefined for us by the system. Some of this variables can be “CurrPage”, “Rec” or “xRec”.

Well, there is another one a lot of us don’t keep in mind all the time. This variable is named: CurrFieldNo

Continue reading