Tool to check objects within and outside of license permissions (and download!)


Lately I’ve been asked to check issues regarding the relation between the license and the objects contained within the system where the license is installed.

This can happen for many reasons, let it be because the client has been working with a partner’s license while the client’s license was being prepared, or let it be because there is a mandatory update that needs to be applied and the client’s license has not been updated.

Be as it may, since I’ve been asked many times the last few weeks, I wanted to write about it.

Dynamics NAV contains several kinds of tables besides the ones that behave in a typical manner and contain information.

Among the special tables we can find these two:

  • Object: when we run this table, it will show the list of all the objects we have in the system.
  • License Permission: when we run this table, it will show all the permissions we have on the currently uploaded license, regardless of those objects being installed on the system or not.


As many of you might have already thought, if we create a process that the objects in the system (Object Table) against the same objects on the permission table (License Permission) we will get exactly what objects are outside of the license’s range.


For those of you who are interested in the final result and want to get the tool you can download it directly from the following links:

Please beware that the page/form has ID 50020. In case you already have an object with that ID, you’ll need to open the TXT file and change the ID manually to avoid object loss.


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