New version of Dynamics NAV App 1.1 and Cumulative Update 2 for NAV2015


As all of you know, with the release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 some improvements and featuresd were introduced. Both technical and functional.

One of these improvements is the ability of having a tablet client, which unlike the webclient is very responsive and fast and is thought to be used on mobile devices of certain characteristics (minimum resolution, Windows based OS, etc).

So why bring the subject up now?


Because it’s possible that, just like me, on the releasing date you faced some issues, both with NAV and the app itself (installation issues, connection to the server, etc. Nothing critical, yet annoying).

It should also be said that the natural order of a product is to keep evolving which makes it have bugs or errors when it is released.

With this update on the App, some of the minor issues are solved and it also includes support for other languages besides english (at last!) for the Android version, and just as a small detail for us the developers/installation responsibles, they’ve removed the need to connect using HTTPS when we’re connecting from within the same machine (localhost) with demo/testing purposes.

To do this it is important to emphasize that it is necessary to have at least the Cumulative Update 2 installed on the NAV server.

You can see the official post here.

And download the Cumulative Update 2 from here.


That being said, I wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year!



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