This is Merging – New Free Tool with UI for Automatic Merging!


As all of you might be aware of, Microsoft published the cmdlets that were destined to speed up the merging of objects. But if you have tried them you will agree that they can be definetly not user-friendly.

Due to this, it fills me with pride to be able to publish this utility with user interface based on these tools, and also adding some other features that allow for greated speed and to create a hub for all the tasks in a single application.

This is Merging!, TIM from now on, offers several options to speed up our merges.

Info and downloads here:

For now, and just so you get an idea, here are some captures.

The Project List shows us the different projects we currently are managing and their status. Also the objects we are working with. Plus we can see the conflicts and deal with them from the same Project Card!


We have created a new project.

Here we can see how we have uploaded the proper files (original, modified and target) by using the “Upload files…” action and afterwards using the “divide files” we managed to create one file per object.




In the following screenshot we can see how after the merge we have some conflicts marked with red, which we must check. The objects that stay green are the ones that were automatically merged by the system. Once we have arrived this far we have different options to review the object. We can find the action on the lines subform.



When we use the “Review Object” option we will be prompted with different options, among them the one to review using “quadra-view”. This creates a view side-by-side of the different files (original, modified, target and result). One next to the other. And we can directly modify the last file with our solved conflict suggestion!



Once the conflict has been solved, you can mark it as such.


When all the conflicts have been solved we can just generate the resulting file using the “Join Files” option.



For more information you can go to the following page. Every comment and suggestion is welcome! Please remember to leave your email to contact you back.

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