How To: Close sessions in NAV2013, NAV2013R2 and NAV2015!


Up to NAV2009 we had at our disposal the option of closing sessions from the same form we could see the sessions on. But unfortunately this option disappeared in NAV2013.

The page where we can see the same info is now the debugger, and does not have a “Kill session” option we are looking for.

What can we do in this version then?

A new function was introduced called “STOPSESSION”. It enables us to do the same thing we could do before.

In order to use this new function we could do as follows:

1.- Open the development environment.

2.- Find the page 9506 – Session List







3.- Design the page and create a new action with the following code:

IF CONFIRM(Text0001,FALSE,"Session ID") THEN

  STOPSESSION("Session ID");






4.- And if you also want to have it available on the first tab of the actions ribbon, you can define the following properties:


For more information regarding the STOPSESSION function, here you have the link to the MSDN.

That’s it!

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