How to: Disconnecting idle Microsoft Dynamics NAV sessions automatically


At this point I think it is known to all of us that the users have a tendency to leave Microsoft Dynamics NAV open even if they are not in need of using it. This might be due to a distraction and they start doing something else, or just because it’s coffee time :)


But the licenses have the user number very well defined and not all the companies can afford to have more sessions open than needed. This is specially true when external applications interact with the ERP in order for the system to run the company business logic.


But what can we do?

In the case of Microsoft Dynamics NAV we have a parameter we can play with in the service configuration that allows us to specify how many minutes of inactivity must pass before the session is killed automatically.

This DOES NOT include processes that take a long time to finish, like the printing of a huge report of the batch job posting of documents. This is because while the client does this task, the client is active (not idle) even if the user is physically doing nothing

The parameter that allows us to do this is found in the Administration Tool under the group “Client Services” named “Idle Client Timeout”.

This parameter accepts a time (by default “MaxValue”) or a specific time in the following time format “hh:mm:ss” (click the image to enlarge).



Once this is done we just have to restart the service and we are finished!



Keep in mind that if a client is disconnected because of this configuration…

The message the user will receive can be somewhat unclear. So it is recommended to explain to the users that the system can shut their session down due to inactivity.


Additional Info

This also applies to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. For more information regarding the configuration of the service check out this link to MSDN.


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